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Manila Sunrise CA

Manila Sunrise

21828 S Main St, Carson, CA 90745

Monday,9 AM-5 PM; Tuesday,9 AM-5 PM; Wednesday,9 AM-5 PM; Thursday,9 AM-5 PM; Friday,9 AM-5 PM; Saturday,9 AM-5 PM; Sunday,9 AM-5 PM.

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“Fil At Home @ FilActive. Making your business, professional service or events amazingly high tech in every moment of time.”

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

For Listing Owners:

Welcome to FilActive, your business is your business we are just keeping it warm for you. As a Owner, claim this business now by hitting the “Claim Now” button in this listing with eligible ownership proof. There are so many benefits to claiming your business; including enhanced menu & professional services features which can be tailored to your business needs and with the Filipino communities at your side you’ll never falter. We at FilActive powered by the iMall Tradeverse pride ourselves to assist and solve your problems through technology & innovations, so come on over and be searchable by our Filipino, FilAm, and Friends community. We keep you moving forward and popular across the USA. 

For Our Network Of Customers, Viewers or Crowdsource Citizens: 

We gladly welcome suggested business, services or events that is not listed in this Filipino Directory of Business, Services and Beyond.We pride ourselves in linking business and customers alike. If you work or are a customer at this listing and there is inaccuracy with this base listing please let us know at 


Become sponsors to be seen, become a client to be heard, and become part of an amazingly proud culture as a Filipino, FilAm, Friends, Sponsors and General Public. 


For The General Public: 

 FilActive is part of the iMall Tradeverse. We provide services ranging from ticketing for events, sponsorships and linking business to customers as well as customers to customers for Business, Personal Listings type ADs. We welcome you by creating an account and following us on all our social media platforms. All information related to these listings here and on the sites are for informational purpose only. In order to use this data for commercial use you must have a written consent from or are an active owner of a listing bonded by our terms & conditions.If you have any questions please feel free to visit our forums or send us an email at 

Maraming Salamat Po!  

Establish Your Business, Establish Your Professional Services or Establish Your Events HERE & NOW. Welcome To Your Future!


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21828 S Main St, Carson, CA 90745